Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My MIT Application Essay

Applying to MIT was one of the bravest things I've done till now (ehm, maybe considered after trying to eat a cockroach), and though the letter affirmatively reassured me that i am a brilliant person, but not what they are looking for(an euphemism for 'Rejection' ), I strongly believe that I've only gained from the whole experience. For now, I present to you *drum roll*, my Application Essay!

I wipe the sweat over my brow, caused by the scorching sun which along with the traffic created a mucky amalgamation. My bus refuses to move and I notice the sweet smell of the 'Jalebi's' (an Indian street sweet). I wonder how people satisfy their hunger by hot Jalebi's in the hot sun. I see a youngster walking rather swinging to the tunes played on his latest iPod, not much far from was a beggar, who didn't even look like he was five years old. Welcome to the city I grew up in,'Mumbai' or previously, 'Bombay', a city of dreams and passions, a city which has made me, into what I'm today.

It is strange how somethings without realization engulfs you, into itself, like Paramecium engulfing its prey, or milk engulfing the sugar, before you know it, it becomes your world. Same is what I feel for my 'Mumbai'. When the first time I set foot here, which was thirteen years ago, I did not have a sense-of-perception to develop my views about the city, but now, having gained a certain comprehensive approach. I look back on these years, and realize how lucky I've been, to learn and experience such diversity and way of life.

Mumbai, most simply endorses, the scientifically acclaimed concept of 'Universal Balance'. Mumbai in itself, balances itself by means of the extremes one can observe here. Housing the World's costliest apartments along with the largest slum, seems like an apt example. Well, as conceived by many, this city is no more backward. The 21st century Boon has taken over so rapidly that it sometimes even endangers or exploits the rich Indian culture which Mumbai so profoundly exhibits.

My friends, in particular, seem as if they are characters of a book about how the most diverse people could be the closest friends. If in one's culture eating fish is a sin, in other's it is a must. Such kind of incongruous practices has made me into a person, who doesn't believe in whats 'right' and whats 'wrong'. I've developed a completely perspective attitude towards life and the way to live it. I've stopped judging people by my view point and now try to step in their shoes because I don't think theres a better way to understand each other. I've certainly become very adaptive in nature and objective in approach.

Lying at the root of my world, is my family. My parents and my younger brother form an integral part of both my mental & physical world. Being the elder brother or the first son of the family, brings with itself ample opportunities the rule the house and yeah, humongous amount of responsibilities. My parents have always been supportive in whatever I choose for myself. Having a sibling according to me is very beneficial. It has taught me sharing, from cakes to depressing incidents. Often, I've practically observed my brother as a subject and drawn conclusions. As comic as that may sound, it really increases your knowledge about human beings. My creators have taught me to believe and have faith in the mighty power. I worship the universe as all Gods point towards to the common infinity. I swim in the clouds, as not all dreams have to be a reality. I don't blame the hot sun anymore, as without it, Ill not be able to enjoy the cold rain drops on my skin.

As the traffic seemed to be perpetual, I get down from the bus and walk ahead. I've learnt from Mumbai not to wait sedentarily, but to move ahead dynamically as life never waits either.


ps-more of "I-have-no-idea-why-MIT-rejected-me" posts to come soon ! :P

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  1. dats so much like 'YOU'....m gr8 to see my dear old suman back in his form.....gr8 job...!
    hey,do u hv dat piece of thnk u note u wrote for farewel..??