Tuesday, November 10, 2009

KFC Food Report

Well, today I tasted/nibbled/ate/tried/munched/had mostly all of things on offer at KFC, Powai.
So I thought, why not write a lil review.
So here it goes.
KFC Powai is situated right at the centre at Hiranandani Gardens, next to Haiko. Its more or less, always bustling with people.
The ambiance was great , with a LOT of backstreet boys music playing. The staff was polite and processed orders quick.
Now, to start with the Food


Virgin Mojito>45bucks> Lemon+Mint+Soda
Freshens you up.the best heat buster! My favourite!
Crunchy>55bucks>Milk+choco+cookie etc
Really tummy filling. Yum!
Smoothie>65bucks>Milk+(Strawberry) or (banana+mango)
Thick MilkShake. I love the banana one. Should try!

Best of the ones I had. Filled with tomato, lettuce, capsicum, and the most important- Mayonaise :P
It was around 9' long and great taste too.
Priced quite fair.

French Fries>

Not that great actually. It looked a little over fried. Greasy. and not that tasty


Its basically a cabbage salad (google it out)! It was little cold, creamy and very fresh. My mum and I loved it. It complement the chicken.

Zinger Burger>

I've had it previously on many occasions. Real Chicken, Real Big Bites. An all time hit, a whole fillet of chicken in a warm sesame bun, with fresh crunchy lettuce and creamy mayo. Yum Yum!

Chicken Rice meal>

Its probably the most filling. At only 139 bucks, it gives you 2 pc. chicken, Veg rice, a curry and Pepsi! Though the curry is a lil south-indian in taste (Weird eh? ), it was good.


Crunchy Chicken>

Ah, nothing like the good ol' Crispy CHicken pieces eh?
Crispy meets juicy and it’s a mouthwatering match. A delight for non-veg lovers.


Brownie Sundae and Choc'Amor>
For desert we were going to go to 'Hokey Pokey' (which i absolutely love, will surely post later), but then due to the awesome rain (the adjective is sarcastic here. Generally it is not, but today it is as it disrupted lot many plans .. :P ), we settled in for KFC only. Oh well, how glad I am that we did. The brownie sundae was like a Cherry on the icing. We just drooled over it till it finished. Another fantastic thing we had was the ' Choc'Amor ', which basically was a small choco brownie filled entirely with chocolate syrup, which was oozing from everywhere (ehm, if youget a terrible urge to consume Chocolate, then GO DO IT!!!)

All in all, at around 500 bucks, it was a great dinner for 3. Cheers to KFC-

ps- to answer your doubts, KFC is NOT paying me for this.
ps2- to all the people who despise non-veg,...'Why did you even Read this Post?' :P
ps2.1- If you have had KFC stuff, please DO comment about it!
ps2.2- Yes, I love to eat. He-Ha.

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  1. u would make a good journo. ever considered that as a profession?i'm serious