Saturday, November 21, 2009

2012 Movie

Continuing with my review-ing trend, Next up is the '2012' movie.
At 200 rupees ticket, at the IMAX Digital screen at wadala, it was worth the money!
The movie opens with a scene in India and later shifts to California where the effect of the awaited 'End-of-the-world' is first seen. Th visual effects of this movie was breathtaking, and the IMAX quality added to the impact!
Well, we all would definitely know by now that the Mayan calender ends on 21st December 2012, and this has been analyzed to be believed that its the day Earth goes haywire. This film takes up his concept, adds in little science and exaggeration and a lot of SFX, and lands up with a must watch. What I loved in this picture is how to connected different parts of the world, different lives and stories, and how the end of the world impacts them.
Another important thing to understand is how people are when they know the end is near. All the regrets, gratitude and glories, everything flashes by in moments.
Well, I found it absurdly horrifying when California went down into the ocean(as I have a close attachment to it), and the scene where the Washington monument falls down reminded me of the similar Titanic scene. It was marvelously done. Kudos to the Director.

The movie touches you at an extravagant level. It blanks you out, and zooms out emotions( atleast for me it did), and thats why I loved it. Do go watch it!

Rating: 4/5

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