Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Year has gone...

This post is very close to my heart. Wrote it after a year of college ended. Life takes weird sinusoidal turns, and leaves us into unpaved roads. This poem is kind of a reflection on a year...that was.and it ends, on waiting for summer, which i trusted, would be great! It was written in a cell phone, and hence i have kept the short language, to preserve the brain scope. hope it doesnt bug u! enjoy! written in april 2009

A year has gone,of living in nostalgia.
past,present n future,all so together,
yet 2 different.a year has gone,of tryin 2 make fun,
in d most unknown ways.a year has gone
,since i thot i had all i wanted in life.
i became so wat i dnt want.
listening 2 d breeze,
which so inocently talks to me now,
more dan d mortal beings.
it tells me wat ive lost n wat ive gained.
it tells me abt d flowers,birds,
rivers n far unknowns.i c d silence,hear d trees.
it all sounds like melancholy.
in trumpets n meadows.
like violin in romance.
love is evrlasting,say many.but d clarity of it,is as foggy as i am.
i am neither sad,nor unholly.
i am jst here.amidst nothing n evrything.
trying 2 decide wat 2 c n wat 2 not.
trying 2 make sense out of blankness.
n blank wat is so profound.
d sun starts 2 shine,among d trees n shrubs.
it brings in energy,a kinda i cannot comprehend.
it reminds me of summer.
less known,but hugely considered...

PS-i DID go on a wonderfull summer trip. Maybe ill post later!

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