Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jog Around...

"What do you do around the time of twilight when you are bored at home during your preperatory leave?". Thats a question which popped into my head a week back. I put on shorts, socks and shoes, wallah, I was all set to Jog. The constructors of my colony( Mahindra & Mahindra) made sure that the well fed (euphemism for food with extra ghee) dwellers, have some place to walk/run/jog (or crawl, if you are 1 year old. and are conscious about your baby fat).

The first thing I noticed entering the park, was a circle of gujju aunties, singing bhajans, sitting in a circle. And not too far from them, the uncles, chatting about the latest political agenda etc. (The aunties and Uncles in reference, do get 50% concession in railways...if you know what i mean. :P)

Well, then usual things began. And after a few days of it, I've developed a list of things to keep in mind while u Jog.
  1. Do not STOP once you begin, before you complete your planned laps.
  2. Do not stamp over a small crawling baby ahead of you.
  3. Do not run like a mad-hatter, if you don't want to attract super powered eyes.(actual reference to Power in Astigmatism *google it)
  4. Do not stamp over a crawling baby, of any shape and size!
  5. Do not drink water in the middle and start running again! You'll get a tummy ache.
  6. Do not keep any chewable in your mouth. You can actually choke and die.
  7. Say hello to people if you know them.
  8. Do not bump(literally) into anyone, no matter how breathtaking they are!
  9. Do not run over a tiny baby...did i mention this before?
  10. Increase your laps by 1.5 a day. As in, start with 5 laps, second day 6.5 laps. etc etc.
  11. and finally, after you are done, do not drop dead on the ground( again, worries the people around). Gently sit on the ground, and lie down. And COOOL down. VERY Important!
  12. Look at the stars, assuming you started at twilight, its dark by now :)
  13. And PLEASE DO NOT FORGET, do not stamp on kids!!!! :)
Happy Jogging!


  1. i'm sure u must'v crushed at least one of those tiny babies of your colony in your many endeavours at jogging so far :P

  2. take a bow. refreshingly amazing.