Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Open spaces all around...

I wrote this when i was in a vacation to Himachal Pradesh, at a place called 'Khajjiyar'. Its called the Switzerland of India. Its a huge plain field surrounded by dense Deodar trees. Well, around twilight time, i was walking alone on the edge of the forest, there was me, my thoughts, a few birds, the treest swaing and swooshing sound of wind!!
it was just, inevitable....

Open space all arounds feels divine!
Usually so entangled in cobwebs,
Near infinity all arnd seems impossible!
One last empty feeling before
returning to the cities.
So cramped in race for money.

I look at the trees,
Trying to reach d skies,
They talk to me,in dere own unspoken ways.
They heal, they replenish,and remind me of'possibilities'.
They speak of the world, the sweetness, the life.
They r gentle yet strong,
And so is the wind!
The loneliness and innocence sinks in.
Its like an ocean yet,river.
Thoughts and feelings change,but not ones soul.

The fallen trees signify grief,the broken dreams.
But the new plants growing on dem
Tell me about new morrow.
The melancholy and peace,
Both so together,fire up passion,
Of ones eternal beauty, the love and compassion.

Universe is the sole director.
It creates and destroys.
Its all in Life.
Like a song it plays all around.
The loudness varies,and hence, do we!
Unbelievable and dreams are less often replaced by reality,
But when it does, its purely something to cherish forever
...The infinity of this world,
is LIFE..

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